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All installed fire sprinkler systems require service, maintenance, tests and inspections performed to ensure the system will be readily available for operation in case of an emergency according to Los Angeles Fire Codes, Federal and State Regulations, Manufacturer Specifications, NFPA Standards and Codes, OSHA, Insurance Company Requirements. Any fire sprinkler service should be performed by an actively licensed fire sprinkler company in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Fire Code Compliance

It is the responsibility of the business or property owner to comply with all Fire Codes in the City of Los Angeles, State of California, Federal, Government or Insurance entities.


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Annual Fire Sprinkler Tests & Inspections in Los Angeles

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5 Year Fire Sprinkler Tests & Inspections in Los Angeles

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 Los Angeles Antifreeze Fire Sprinklers

Tyco Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System Diagram

Antifreeze fire sprinklers are designed for cold weather climates where ambient temperatures may drop below freezing causing water lines to rupture, burst or freeze. There have been many innovations by fire sprinkler manufacturers towards cold climate sprinkler systems to allow the use of water generally known as the most plentiful and cost affordable fire extinguishing agent available. Antifreeze systems can be designed with water present in the lines and sprinkler heads with the addition of an antifreeze solution into the enclosed system.

 Fire Sprinkler Systems Containing Antifreeze Solutions
NFPA 13, NFPA 13D and NFPA 13R

 An incident involving antifreeze fire sprinklers that caused a residential fire prompted the NFPA to create new standards and codes for antifreeze fire sprinklers & solution concentrates used in the system. New systems are required to use only factory premixed antifreeze solutions, there are limits to the percentage of glycerin, propylene and glycol contained in the system and cold weather design and installation practices can be used to protect the system from freezing such as installing pipe insulation. An exception is made for factory premixed antifreeze solutions of propylene glycol in excess of 40% by volume are permitted in ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) systems where the sprinklers are listed for such use in a specific application. If it is determined that the solution found in the system is no longer permitted or if the type of antifreeze cannot be reliably determined, the system must be drained and replaced with an acceptable factory premixed solution.

Viking Model F Dry Sprinkler Valve

 Dry pipe fire sprinklers are used in cold weather climates as the sprinkler pipe is filled with compressed air or nitrogen that is released with the detection of heat or fire allowing the dry pipe valve to open filling the overhead pipes with water and should not freeze, water becomes present in the system. Fire suppression systems are also used in cold climates as the use of chemical, carbon dioxide (CO2) or gas extinguishing agents may not freeze in cold climates. Pre action systems are a combination hybrid of dry and wet systems and can be zoned to provide fire protection coverage in cold weather climates.

Los Angeles Antifreeze Fire Sprinkler Installations

 Hydraulic calculations are initially done to ensure adequate water supply, backflow preventers are installed to stop back flow of water into freshwater systems. Every design detail of the installation down to where each fire sprinkler head is located, how many alarm valves, sprinkler alarm switches, sprinkler heads, fire department connections, pipe hangers, supports and valves is crucial to the antifreeze fire sprinkler engineering, function & operation.

 You'll want an experienced fire sprinkler company, possibly a fire protection engineer (FPE) to design, engineer and install an antifreeze fire sprinkler system as they are very complex systems for ordinary contractor or subcontractors and for bond and insurance purposes. In Los Angeles fire sprinkler companies that are confident with antifreeze fire sprinklers will offer their estimates, bids or quotes to service, maintain, test, inspect or install the systems.

Los Angeles Antifreeze Fire Sprinkler Services

 Antifreeze fire sprinkler systems require routine maintenance including scheduled tests and inspections to ensure proper operation. During the course of troubleshooting system malfunctions, tests and inspections it may be discovered that repairs are necessary to make the system operational. All fire sprinkler systems should be serviced by a bonded, insured and licensed fire sprinkler company in Los Angeles, California.

 Los Angeles Fire Sprinklers

Fire Protection and Life Safety Emergency Exit Signs

Fire codes in Los Angeles may require the installation, service and maintenance of fire sprinklers systems which are specifically designed and engineered to extinguish, suppress or contain the rapid spread of fire. Federal, State, OSHA, Insurance Companies and the City of Los Angeles may enforce fire codes to protect its citizens from the danger that fire poses through installation, service and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems have proven to be effective at controlling or stopping the rapid spread of fire, saving lives and property in homes and business. The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that a fire occurs in a residential home every 87 seconds, it only makes sense to install a fire sprinkler system to help protect your home, office, commercial business, school, hospital, airport, government building or military installation.

 Los Angeles Fire Sprinkler Company

To comply with fire codes, when installing new fire sprinkler systems or equipment, servicing and maintaining existing installed fire sprinkler systems or addressing safety and/or fire code violations from the City of Los Angeles you'll want affordable, experienced, dependable and reliable help to perform the fire sprinkler services required.

Protect your interests check to ensure the fire sprinkler company is properly and actively licensed to perform the duties required for the specific fire sprinkler system in the City of Los Angeles.

All work on fire sprinkler systems from bids, estimates, quotes, design, engineering, installation, service, repair, maintenance, remodels, retrofits, tests, inspections, flow tests, annual tests and inspections, 5 year (5yr) tests and inspections, certifications, troubleshooting or maintenance of any kind should be performed or completed by actively licensed fire sprinkler companies or contractors with the State and City of Los Angeles.

 Satisfying fire code deficiencies and safety code violations with the City of Los Angeles is the responsibility of the business or property owner and you may be required to service a fire sprinkler system to comply.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Practicing life safety and fire prevention methods in your home will aid you and your family to remain safe in the events of fires or emergencies in Los Angeles. Installing residential home fire protection systems help:

  •  Alarm & Alert
    • Smoke & Fire Detector Alarms give your family notice there is a fire hazard possible
    • Alarms help give building occupants time to evacuate the building
  •  Protect
    • Initiate fire sprinklers blanketing the fire, cooling and suppressing flames, aiding to stop the rapid spread of fire
    • Help keep fire from destroying life, property, possessions and valuables

Commercial & Industrial Fire Sprinkler Systems

In Los Angeles commercial businesses owners and industries may be required to install, service and maintain fire protection systems to comply with safety, building or fire codes. A commercial business owner may install fire sprinklers, fire alarms, extinguishers, fire suppression systems and/or fire hydrants to provide adequate fire coverage for all specific fire hazards, special hazards or hazardous materials.

  •  Fire Code Compliance
    • Satisfy Federal, State & Los Angeles Fire Codes
    • Remain Open for Business, continuous operation avoiding closure or shut-downs
    • Possible exceptions to building separation or fire wall requirements
  •  Possible Benefits for Commercial Fire Protection and Life Safety
    • Save Lives / Help Prevent Injuries
    • Reduce Liabilities
    • Reduce Property Damage or Inventory Loss
    • Income Tax Deductions
    • Property Insurance Deductions

 Available Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Types of fire sprinkler systems generally installed in Los Angeles, California.

 Early Suppression Fast Response | ESFR Fire Sprinkler Systems

ESFR Fire Sprinklers in Los Angeles, California.

 Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems in Los Angeles, California.

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Commercial fire sprinklers

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Commercial fire sprinklers

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 Knowledge and Job Experience Counts

When purchasing a fire sprinkler system work with an experienced fire sprinkler company in Los Angeles. The fire sprinkler technicians knowledge of available systems especially for remodels or retrofits counts to help possibly save you money on costs of installation, service, annual tests & inspections and five year (5yr) fire sprinkler tests & inspections.

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