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Fire Sprinkler Services
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All installed fire sprinkler systems require service, maintenance, tests and inspections performed to ensure the system will be readily available for operation in case of an emergency according to Sebastopol Fire Codes, Federal and State Regulations, Manufacturer Specifications, NFPA Standards and Codes, OSHA, Insurance Company Requirements. Any fire sprinkler service should be performed by an actively licensed fire sprinkler company in Sebastopol.

Sebastopol Fire Code Compliance

It is the responsibility of the business or property owner to comply with all Fire Codes in the City of Sebastopol, State of California, Federal, Government or Insurance entities.


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Sebastopol Fire Sprinkler Systems

 Sebastopol Fire Protection

 Fire protection systems are specifically designed and engineered to reduce or extinguish the rapid spread of fire. Federal, State, OSHA, Insurance Companies and the City of Sebastopol may enforce fire codes to protect its citizens from the danger that fire poses. Fire protection systems are designed for specific use which may require the installation of fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms, fire hydrants, emergency lights and/or NFPA signage to protect your home, office or commercial business, building, facility, warehouse, airport, school or public event from the fire hazards present. Fire hazards include explosive hazards, reactive hazards, physical hazards or health hazards from the cause of systemic effects of fire from highly flammable materials, hazardous liquids, solids, gases or chemicals present.

 The City of Sebastopol encourages it's citizens to practice fire safety and comply with Sebastopol fire codes if we all practice fire safety and fire prevention methods we save lives, dramatically reduce the risk from the spread of fire and property damage created by fire. Check current and existing fire codes with the City of Sebastopol Building and Housing Division, the Sebastopol Fire Department or the Sebastopol Fire Marshal.

Fire protection systems are proven to be the most effective way to contain, suppress, and/or extinguish the rapid spread of fire

  All work on fire protection systems from bids, estimates, quotes, design, engineering, installation, service, repair, maintenance, remodels, retrofits, tests, inspections, flow tests, hydrostatic tests, annual tests and inspections, 5 year tests and inspections, extinguisher tags, certifications, troubleshooting or maintenance of any kind should be performed by actively licensed fire protection companies in Sebastopol.

National Fire Incident Reporting System

"NFIRS is the world's largest, national, annual database of fire incident information. 50 states and the District of Columbia report NFIRS data. 37 fire departments with a population protected of over 500,000 participate in the NFIRS. About 23,000 fire departments report in the NFIRS each year. The NFIRS database comprises 75 percent of all reported fires that occur annually. Participating fire departments report 23,000,000 incidents and 1,000,000 fires each year." The United States Fire Administration has issued the following Fire Data Analysis Handbook, USFA Fire Incident Reporting, USFA Non-Residential Building Fires, Attic Fires, Residential Fire Fatalities and Residential Structure and Building Fires.

 Sebastopol Fire Protection Company

To comply with fire codes, when installing new fire protection systems or equipment, servicing and maintaining existing installed fire protection systems or addressing safety and/or fire code violations from the City of Sebastopol you'll want affordable, experienced, dependable and reliable help to perform the fire protection services required.

Protect your interests check to ensure the fire protection company is properly and actively licensed to perform the duties required for the specific fire protection system. As each fire protection system may require independent licenses to perform service, repair or installation on fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms or fire hydrants in the City of Sebastopol.

Sebastopol Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection
Sebastopol, California

Fire protection systems should be installed, serviced and maintained per NFPA standards and codes, building codes and the City of Sebastopol fire codes in homes, business, warehouses, museums, galleries, apartments, high rise buildings, apartments, condos, restaurants, kitchens, stores, malls, gas stations, hotels, motels, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, colleges, dormitories, parking garages, churches, temples, train stations, airports, subways, franchise restaurants, nursing homes, clinics, care facilities, elder and adult living homes, day care centers, military installations and government buildings such as schools, libraries, jails & prisons.

Contact actively licensed fire protection companies in Sebastopol to perform any estimates, installation of fire protection systems, installation of fire sprinkler systems, installation of fire suppression systems, installation of restaurant kitchen fire suppression hoods, service, repair, maintenance, tests, inspections, recharges, refills, hydrostatic tests, flow tests, backflow tests, retrofits, remodels, scheduled semi-annual, annual, or 5 year inspections.

Sebastopol Residential Fire Protection

Homes should be protected from the dangers of fire with the installation of fire protection systems like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler or fire suppression systems.

Sebastopol Commercial Fire Protection

Business owners may be required by the City of Sebastopol to install, service and maintain fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and the required NFPA signage to designate fire protection systems and exits.

Fire Protection Systems in Sebastopol

Fire protection companies in Sebastopol should offer their estimates bids and quotes towards any work to be performed for your home, commercial business or industrial facility. Federal, OSHA, Insurance Companies or State Fire Codes Rules, Regulations and/or Health and Safety Codes may require that you have an actively licensed fire protection company, contractor and/or fire safety engineer build and install your fire protection system specifically for your home or business in order to receive certifications that may be required to pass building or fire code inspections and avoid fire code violations from safety code officers or fire department in Sebastopol.

Fire protection systems may include the installation of fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms, fire hydrants, fire pumps, standpipe systems, NFPA signs, exit lights and/or fire rated doors. Contact your local fire marshal for details on systems that may be required for your home or commercial business in the City of Sebastopol.

Sebastopol, California Fire Protection Services

 Your fire protection system requires scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual (1 yr), three year (3yr), five year, (5yr), seven year (7yr) and ten year (10yr) tests & inspections per the maintenance schedules found in NFPA standards and codes.

You may be required as a business or home owner to perform all tests and inspections described by Federal, State and the City of Sebastopol building and fire codes in addition to all standards and codes listed with NFPA.

 Knowledge and Job Experience Counts

When purchasing a fire sprinkler system work with an experienced fire sprinkler company in Sebastopol. The fire sprinkler technicians knowledge of available systems especially for remodels or retrofits counts to help possibly save you money on costs of installation, service, annual tests & inspections and five year (5yr) fire sprinkler tests & inspections.