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New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Companies

New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Companies
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A well maintained fire sprinkler system will help save lives and property from the destructive forces of fire and can extinguish, suppress or contain the rapid spread of fire when properly operating. Fire sprinkler systems should be installed, serviced, repaired, tested and inspected by actively licensed fire sprinkler companies in the State of Georgia.

Fire Sprinkler System

Residential Fire Sprinklers

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that a fire occurs in a residential home every 87 seconds. Installing and maintaining a home fire sprinkler system aids a homeowner in keeping their family safe from fire incidents. Ensure installed smoke detectors are operating by testing them every month, smoke detectors alert you to the presence of smoke or fire and will aid in saving lives in emergencies.

Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Commercial business, government offices, high rise buildings, subways, train stations, water districts, chemical plants, mining facilities, colleges, churches, military installations, airports, schools and hospitals are often responsible to comply with Federal, State, OSHA, Insurance Companies, NFPA standards and codes, and safety, building and fire codes for their City.