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All installed fire sprinkler systems require service, maintenance, tests and inspections performed to ensure the system will be readily available for operation in case of an emergency according to Houston Fire Codes, Federal and State Regulations, Manufacturer Specifications, NFPA Standards and Codes, OSHA, Insurance Company Requirements. Any fire sprinkler service should be performed by an actively licensed fire sprinkler company in Houston.

Houston Fire Code Compliance

It is the responsibility of the business or property owner to comply with all Fire Codes in the City of Houston, State of Texas, Federal, Government or Insurance entities.


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 Houston Dry Standpipe Sprinkler Systems

Standpipe Fire Sprinklers with NFPA Sign

 Dry standpipe fire sprinklers are designed and engineered to keep all lines, fire department connections, fire hose connections and sprinkler heads void of fire extinguishing agents such as water, foam, chemical or gas like carbon dioxide (CO2) until the detectors and sensors trigger an event due to fire conditions present, heat, explosion or fire is detected. In Houston work with experienced fire sprinkler companies familiar with dry standpipe systems to install, service or maintain according to safety, building or fire codes.

Standpipe systems are designed and engineered to deliver an adequate pressurized volume of water to each of the designated fire department connections (FDC) to attach fire hose connections aiding building occupants or the Houston fire department in fighting a fire. This allows firefighters easy access to fire department connections on every story and floor of a building or to isolated buildings, structures or facilities. A valve will easily open all fire department connections plumbed in that zone and supply a pressurized volume of water to all connections.

Viking Model F Dry Sprinkler Valve

Dry Standpipe Fire Sprinklers

 Standpipe systems play an important role in protecting multi-floor, multi-story, large facilities, yards, structures or buildings in Houston. Standpipe systems may have installed vertical sprinkler pipes known as "risers" and horizontal sprinkler pipes installed throughout the building or facility. Fire pumps may be used to increase water pressure, increasing the PSI of water is referred to as “total head”, sprinkler systems work best when there is an adequate pressurized water supply to feed fire sprinkler systems and standpipe sprinkler systems. Water tanks can be installed on the roof of a building allowing gravity to assist increasing water pressure this is called a gravity fed pressurized system.

 Dry standpipe systems are used in cold weather climates, when colder temperatures are a factor dry pipe fire sprinklers are often installed to avoid freezing temperatures which may cause wet pipe sprinkler lines to burst or rupture.

Tyco Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System Diagram

 Houston Dry Standpipe Fire Sprinkler Installations

Hydraulic calculations are initially done to ensure adequate water supply, backflow preventers are installed to stop back flow of water into freshwater systems. Every design detail of the installation down to where each fire sprinkler head is located, how many alarm valves, sprinkler alarm switches, sprinkler heads, fire department connections, pipe hangers, supports and valves is crucial to the dry pipe fire sprinkler engineering, function & operation.

You'll want an experienced fire sprinkler company, possibly a fire protection engineer (FPE) to design, engineer and install a dry standpipe fire sprinkler system as they are very complex systems for ordinary contractor or subcontractors and for bond and insurance purposes. In Houston fire sprinkler companies that are confident with dry standpipe fire sprinklers will offer their estimates, bids or quotes to service, maintain, test, inspect or install the systems.

 Knowledge and Job Experience Counts

When purchasing a fire sprinkler system work with an experienced fire sprinkler company in Houston. The fire sprinkler technicians knowledge of available systems especially for remodels or retrofits counts to help possibly save you money on costs of installation, service, annual tests & inspections and five year (5yr) fire sprinkler tests & inspections.